Minneapolis Indie Xpo invites independent cartoonists and comic book publishers

The Minneapolis Indie Xpo (MIX) is an annual event celebrating independent comic book publishers and cartoonists. This year, the 5th anniversary of the expo, has brought a lot of attention to the Minnesota indie comics scene. With an impressive lineup of talent, it promises to be an incredible event for those who love independent comic books and all things indie comics.

The expo first began in 2014 as a way to showcase indie art and give it recognition outside of the major conventions and awards shows that feature primarily mainstream publishers. The artist-run event has grown every year since its inception, with over 1000 attendees attending last year’s MIX Expo. This year’s edition is expected to reach even higher attendance levels due to its commitment to showcasing unique work from independen cartoonists and comic book publishers from all over the world.

The focus at this expo lies in expanding exposure for small press creators, particularly artists that struggle to find a place at larger events like San Diego Comic Con or New York Comic Con which tend to prioritize mainstream material over more niche concepts. By providing an opportunity for smaller presses and independent creators to make connections with fans, potential investors, and collaborators, MiX offers a valuable networking platform for these artists that might otherwise not have won such a prominent spot on industry radar.

This years expo will include appearances by both acclaimed veterans and emerging up-and-comers in the field of indie comics. Some notable guest speakers at this years MiX include heavyweight cartoonist Eddie Campbell (author of Alec: The Years Have Pants), artist Soojin Paek (creator of Gum A Sleeping Cat), publisher Iron Circus Comics (responsible for titles like Rosarium Publishing’s anthology Beyond Anthology Vol 1), editor Jennifer de Guzman (formerly at Image Comics collaborating on projects like The Wicked + The Divine), retailer GoCollect (accompanying their launch as global online marketplace connecting collectors with exclusive artifacts from leading comic stores around the world) and many others – offering attendees access to an unbelievable variety of resources related to independent comics publishing.

In addition panels about topics related to independent publishing such as crowdfunding techniques for book projects or successful distribution strategies held throughout the weekend there are also workshops which teach fundamental skills necessary in creating successful print comics including lettering, coloring, self-publishing basics and digital tools used while making comics.
Moreover there will be live music performances by local bands & musicians scattered throughout both days alongside various exhibitors featuring bespoke garments & accessories made specifically for the occasion designed by renowned graphic t-shirt makers Screenbobble Shop alongside products & posters produced by several MIX Expo special guests giving visitors multiple shopping options when browsing through different stalls selling everything from art collections & zines to apparel & novelty items inspired by characters featured across popular titles premiering as part of this years edition . Specialty vendors like Twin Sense Studios will also be present offering custom prints & collectibles perfect complements for aspiring small press creators seeking unique pieces suitable enough decorating their own stages before real crowds arrive interested their respective stories .

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