Minneapolis Indie Xpo is proud to call it home to comic book fans

Minneapolis Indie Xpo, the annual celebration of creators and their independent art and stories, is proud to call it home to comic book fans. Each year, thousands of comic book readers gather in downtown Minneapolis to celebrate creativity and community.

Indie Xpo brings together some of the best minds in comics, the most passionate readers in the country, top tier vendors selling exclusive collectibles, and delivers an unforgettable event experience celebrating diverse perspectives on storytelling through panels and programming. The show allows creators from all walks of life to network with other professionals, learn new skills and market themselves as artists. It’s also a great way for newcomers to get acquainted with the indie scene.

The convention has always been a place where people can find something new or discover something unexpected within the world of comics. With its lineup of publishers from large corporations like DC Comics and small indie labels such as Dark Horse Comics, Indie Xpo offers something for everyone. From household names like Scott Snyder to rising stars like James Tynion IV, visitors will find plenty of exciting books to add to their collections—or perhaps just catch up on previously published titles they had yet to read!

For more than two decades now, Indie Xpo has gained an impressive reputation among comic book fans throughout Minnesota. Besides its amazing selection of independent books and collectibles merchandise, many come back year after year because they appreciate how the event champions boundless originality while spotlighting various cultures through literature featuring different voices—both traditional verticals such as superheroes versus slice-of-life dramas or horror series versus romantic comedies that reflect today’s interconnected world.

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