Minneapolis Indie Xpo see this year’s comic book exhibitions

The Minneapolis Indie Xpo (MIX) showed off this year’s comic book exhibitions recently at the Mall of America. The annual event brought out comic book lovers and other interested partygoers to check out artwork, books, and collectibles from over 500 vendors. Lasting two full days, MIX offered exciting attractions as well as a chance to shop from some of the best independent comics and publishers in the area.

The event was quickly split into separate categories highlighting different types of mediums including textiles, jewelry, art prints, candles and much more. Perhaps one of the most intriguing featured items was an “I Spy” wall where participants spotted characters or themes within drawings or graphic captions. Attendees could also find various food trucks offering dishes with original flavors, like Vietnamese-inspired crepes or Thai inspired ice cream.

When seeking a comic book in particular there were many different types of genres ranging from horror, fantasy, suspense and sci-fi to classic superheroes such as Black Panther or Spiderman. For those who wished to purchase multiple books at once but still wanted something unique in each one there was an option for a blind buy box where readers could be rewarded with surprises tips such as fly swatters made from recycled material that doubles as quirky art deco accessories for homes or tables.

For more hands-on entertainment there were interactive experiences including indie gaming tournaments featuring titles all made by local developers such as Liftee, a platformer game involving characters changing size through unique levels; Launch Together an air hockey like experience along multiple stages; and Psychoses: A Changeable Tale which gives readers complete control of their own plot along three separate routes. Not only did attendees get to try before they buy but if they were lucky enough they might have been able to find someone accompanying some games handing out printouts examining hidden secrets within levels of titles present at MIX easy access items found through scannable QR codes help participants enjoy their favorite experiences on the go without the overhead costs or need extra hardware or setups..

As if all this weren’t enough varying vendors also included artists introducing personalized merchandise such as mugs with popular quotes turned into hilarious jokes accessible by simply shaking them up; custom notebooks meant for brainstorming everyday ideas featuring each participant fittingly composed logo on back covers; apparel production stores hosting exclusive T-Shirts stocked with trendy visuals sure to draw much adoration from friends alike; plus scrapbooks filled with stories familiar yet never unwanted both printed by hand ensuring authenticity worth each calligraphy brush stroke used during crafting process .

For collectors worried about expensive purchases fear not! As most shops offer prices ranging from affordable entry points making it easier for everyone young and old purchase pieces important for their respective collections more adventurous buyers choosing riskier investments able hedge their bets further browsing through dealers allowed form private auctions either taking place through classified posts via social media outlets market forums alike

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