Minneapolis is a great place for comic books. Minneapolis supports several major book and comic book festivals each year

At first glance, Minneapolis is known for its great art museums and world-famous orchestra. Even though this city has much to offer for fans of conventional art, it can also be an amazing escape for comic book enthusiasts. No matter if you are a fan of traditional titles or underground books, the city has plenty to offer. Its multiple comic book festivals, plus the variety of local shops, give everyone something enjoyable to see or attend. Minneapolis is no longer just a city full of common experiences; it’s become one known for its appreciation of culture– comic books included!

Minneapolis truly values the arts in all forms– visual, literary and beyond! One major comic event that takes place annually is ComiCONN. Featuring an interesting combination of both traditional and indie comics, this two-day event brings thousands into town each year. Fan favorites like Stan Lee have made guest appearances in the past at ComiCONN which boosts their notoriety even further across national boundaries.

Another fantastic event that keeps bringing people back year after year is MCBA Con (Minneapolis Comic Book Association). This four-day festival includes things such as costume contests, photo ops with cosplayers, movie screenings and huge sales on select items. Regular vendors often show up alongside some more innovative ones giving attendees inspiring new experiences from time to time.

For everyday needs beyond the festival floors there are several notable places locals go when wanting to purchase or browse through titles from time to time– shops like Source Comics and Games and Prophet Books are some of the go-to spots for those prone toward classic editions or something more original such as underground manga from Japan. Both stores give book lovers a chance to find nearly any type of media they are seeking including graphic novels and T-Shirts – truly putting Minneapolis high on every collector’s list of places for films, games and books visiting!

Last but not least there’s Dinkytown Comics—a store run by individuals with true passion for their hobby selling everything related to comics without having to pay out extra taxes ordinarily applied on items sold online — and they don’t overprice their publications either! The knowledgeable clerks here will generally be able answer any questions one may have while giving tips on where else one can get what they are looking for – inadvertently creating a community space where readers can learn more about each other while sharing interests in rare releases old & new alike!

Whether coming into town expressly going viral at ConiCONN or taking advantage of local stores like Dinkytown Comics be sure to bring your wallet: because once you arrive — Minneapolis spoils everyone with choices for their entertainment needs – mangas included!