Minneapolis Indie Xpo see this year’s comic book exhibitions

As we all know, the world of comic books is vast and diverse, extending far beyond the popular mainstream superhero graphic novels that have made their way into blockbuster movie franchises. On the other hand, we have the flourishing community of independent comic book creators, who bring fresh narratives, innovative styles, and diverse perspectives to […]

Minneapolis Indie Xpo is the largest convention of comic book fans in this part of the world

Welcome to the largest gathering of comic book fans, creators, and enthusiasts – the Minneapolis Indie Xpo (MIX)! “Indie,” meaning independent or alternative, is at the core of this annual comic convention which brings together the most imaginative and innovative comic creators in one enormous celebration of all things comic-related. With its ever-growing popularity, MIX […]

Minneapolis Indie Xpo is proud to call it home to comic book fans

As comic book fans, we know that our passion for the illustrated stories of heroes, villains, and incredible worlds often extends beyond simply flipping through the pages of our favorite comics or trades. We are a community that thrives on sharing our love for this fantastic art form – and there is no better place […]

Minneapolis is a great place for comic books. Minneapolis supports several major book and comic book festivals each year

Comic books have been capturing the imagination of millions worldwide for close to a century, offering vibrant illustrations and captivating stories that weave themselves into the very fabric of our pop culture. While cities like New York and San Diego host iconic comic book conventions, there’s another city that deserves your attention: Minneapolis! Boasting a […]